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EDITORIALby Sven Henkes, Managing Director at ZIEGERT
Dear Readers,

We are experiencing a time of expansion, with cities growing beyond their limits and living spaces linking up with each other in new ways. We are encountering an all-encompassing momentum – in the property market and actually in all other aspects of life as well.
Recently we have deepened our inspiring connections and partnerships. We are expanding our partnership with the KaDeWe Group from Berlin to also Munich and Hamburg, where we will have our own representation in the Oberpollinger and Alsterhaus department stores from now on. This opens up doors for us in further prime locations in Germany. We are also expanding our European network. Complementing our important partnership with Knight Frank, we are taking our work with Douglas Elliman to the next level to add a new focus on the United States market. We will take German markets previously characterised by their national nature and put them on a bigger stage, make them more dynamic and add value through our connections.
Also playing a crucial role in this will of course be our strong investment and financing area of business. You see, we do more than just go along with this momentum – we ourselves are an active driver of this market dynamism. It is this position that has for more than thirty years let us become a consistent consultant for exclusive property projects – a strategic partner. Our goal is to give every customer all-round support in creating or finding the perfect product. At the end of the day, we want more than just good construction; we want better construction, as my colleague Karsten Waldschmidt so aptly put it. The new Ziegert Report contains four pages providing insightful information about product development, his area of responsibility.
Yet business always has a human side as well. So, you may ask, what else drives us? I would be delighted to tell you. For us, the reason behind what we do has become more than just the most important criterion of our future success – it has also become our strongest motivation. We create spaces for inspiring connections from person to person. That is our promise to our customers, our partners and ourselves. At the end of the report, you can find a small discussion about the questions of our time in The Big Talk with the company’s founder, Nikolaus Ziegert. A conversation certain to inspire you just as much as it inspired me.
With this new Ziegert Report, you are again holding a piece of our company’s history in your hands. I look forward to a new year of success with you and to stimulating discussions about the aforementioned momentum and our projects together. What’s more, I am excited about the things we will make a reality together.

Sven Henkes

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Demand for housing ownership in Germany is still unabated – with a relatively low ownership rate of 46 per cent by EU standards (71 per cent). This demand is particularly strong in the top eight cities and their environs. As a result of the high demand and limited supply in metropolitan areas, different price levels can be identified in different residential markets throughout Germany. The map of Germany below illustrates the average asking prices for condominiums newly built and marketed for the first time, presented by county/self-administered city. The eight largest condominium markets are specially highlighted.